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Online Counselling

It can sometimes feel worrying to approach a counselling professional because there may be fear of judgement, or some anxiety that your emotions will not be understood. As a counsellor I understand this apprehension, so hopefully this page will give you some more information about how to access online therapy.

You may have never experienced online counselling before, and you could be wondering what it is all about, or how effective it is? The main difference with online work is that the counsellor and client cannot see one another; so any body language or facial expressions that normally exist with talking to someone face to face are absent. This could potentially lead to misunderstandings. In light of this difference it is perfectly fine to ask questions about what is being communicated to you.

Having counselling where the therapist is physically absent could be of benefit to someone who is anxious about the idea of psychotherapy; working with a therapist through email or instant messaging could be a useful stepping stone towards face to face counselling.

You are not obliged to answer questions if you do not want to; any emotions, feelings or information you reveal about yourself is entirely up to you. I will not push you to look at anything you feel uncomfortable to explore.

Writing your feelings down can be healing, and being able to reflect on what you have written can help to gain real insight on the issues you are facing, or the decisions you are trying to make. My responses will be supportive and empathic to your situation, with challenges that I feel will benefit you therapeutically.

In the first instance you should contact me by email and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Before counselling begins you will need to complete an online agreement/assessment. This assessment will help me to decide if online counselling is a suitable means of support for you; if not then I will endeavour to assist you in finding other help.

If we decide to work together then we will arrange a day and/or time that is suitable for both parties. If you are using email then you will send me your first message on the day we have agreed and I will reply to you within 48 hours, this will continue each week. Instant messaging appointments will be conducted on a weekly basis at a mutually agreed time slot. It is up to you to make sure you are ready for counselling sessions and that you send your emails on the right day. If not, you may incur a fee for missed appointments, or receive email replies later then you anticipated.

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